ACASS fast tracks European expansion

ACASS has completed the recruitment of personnel to key regional positions in efforts to fast track its European expansion. In a news article published at the Corporate Jet Investor website on 7 April 2017, Terry Spruce reports: “ACASS has strengthened its European presence with the appointment of Andrew Hoy as its new Vice President of Sales — Europe.” The company also confirmed the appointment of Kara Dixon as its Director of Sales for the European region, according to Spruce.

Both Hoy and Dixon boast a wealth of experience in the aviation industry. As Spruce reports, they previously worked together as the Affinity Aviation Group. As such, the combined sales experience of the two executives will be crucial to ACASS’ efforts to position itself as one of the leading private aviation brands in Europe. Their knowledge will particularly be crucial to the development of a sound operational and marketing infrastructure for ACASS’ aircraft sales and service portfolio.

The top management at ACASS has expressed its confidence in Hoy’s and Dixon’s ability to take the company’s sales operation in Europe to the next level. Spruce quotes ACASS CEO Andre Khury as saying: “Bringing Andrew and Kara on board at ACASS was one of those rare decisions that don’t come with a lot of hand wringing. Affinity has a great track record; we’ve worked together for years, and we share very similar views on client service and business transparency.”

Hoy is similarly excited about his new role in the company. Spruce quotes him as saying: “I am excited to be joining such a strong team in ACASS, a respected global organisation with expansion plans to match my own dreams. Working more closely with my friends and trusted partners in the industry dramatically expands the advantages I can offer to clients.”