culinary training course

Acropolis Aviation’s cabin crew attends culinary training course

Acropolis Aviation sent its cabin crew to a two-day culinary training course at the Ireland-based Tannery Cookery School, according to a news article published at the European Business Air News (EBAN) website on 3 November 2016. Tannery is located in Dungarvan, County Waterford, from where it is operated by renowned chef Paul Flynn.

The training programme covered a variety of food and service topics. “The course covered the art of plate and platter presentation, food pairing, oven management and seasonal menu ideas,” according to EBAN.

Acropolis is evidently pursuing a strategic personnel development programme that will enhance the capacity of its VIP cabin crew to optimise in-flight dining experiences for its customers. EBAN quotes Acropolis’ cabin crew manager, Rebecca Phillips, as commenting: “High-quality in-flight cuisine is important to our clients, who fly on our ACJ319. We receive positive feedback on dining standards, but we are always looking to improve.”

The company’s top management believes that the two-day training programme has equipped the cabin crew with the ability to innovate new ideas for achieving customer satisfaction in in-flight dining. EBAN quotes Phillips emphasising this position with the statement: “Our cabin crew are serious foodies, and we all relished the cookery school experience and the opportunity to improve our skills. Our clients will enjoy the presentation and menu ideas we learned from the fabulous Paul.”

Based in the United Kingdom, Acropolis has always been keen on achieving a competitive advantage through the continuous improvement of its in-flight services. Its ACJ features a generously spacious gallery and a mid-cabin dining area that can accommodate up to eight people. It also offers menu items for clients in accordance with Kosher, Hindu and Halal religious practices as well as accommodates any special dietary requests from its customers.