Aerowest adds Encore+ to fleet

Aerowest has expanded its fleet with an additional Citation Encore+. “Aerowest has seen plenty of activity from is Citation Encore+, which replaced a Piper Cheyenne in the company’s fleet earlier this year,” according to a news article published at the European Business Air News (EBAN) website on 7 April 2017. Aerowest is based in Germany, from where it mainly provides VIP charter and ambulance services.

The Encore+ acquisition brings the company’s private jet fleet to nine units. The fleet features another Encore+ in addition to a Citation XLS+ and four Sovereign jets. Aerowest operations schedules ensure that all these jets are deployed proportionately throughout the year. EBAN quotes Aerowest’s Sales Manager, Axel Klegien, as emphasising: “We utilise all of our aircraft to a similar degree; the Sovereigns, Encores and XLS+ all fly the same amount of flights per year. We are still happy with the Sovereigns, and we have no reason to change at the moment. We have nothing definite planned for fleet renewal.”

Although Aerowest’s management team has been doing its best to achieve sufficient flight volumes for all its aircraft, it has admitted that it prefers the Sovereigns for long-haul flights. EBAN quotes Klegien as confirming: “Everybody can always use a little bit more range. Our core business is operating the Sovereigns across Europe, into Africa and even across the Atlantic sometimes. But for 95 per cent of our missions, I would say that the range is sufficient. We have flight attendants on board, and our customers like that too. The summer months are quite busy, and we operate the Sovereigns on a floating-fleet basis, which means that they rarely come to our home base in Hannover; they stay where they end up, such as southern Europe or London.”

Klegien also expressed his high opinion of the German aviation market, stating that Aerowest has a good feeling about the industry’s strong business climate.