Air Harrods

Air Harrods gets new head

Air Harrods has a new head executive following the appointment of Dawn Wyatt to the helm of the company, according to a news article published at the European Business Air News (EBAN) website on 20 April 2017. Wyatt was Air Harrods’ Head of Operations before her promotion to the top position at the company. Air Harrods’ parent company, Harrods Aviation, opted for an internal promotion rather than a full-scale recruitment exercise in order to tap Wyatt’s in-house knowledge and experience.

Dawn Wyatt’s rise through the ranks of Air Harrods

Wyatt is a long-time employee who has served the VVIP helicopter services provider in different roles since 1997, when she joined the company. She rose through the ranks to become Operations Manager and went on to rise further in the organisation’s hierarchy in 2012, when she became Head of Operations.

Wyatt’s years of service and experience spans multiple industries, including banking. She had a spell in the banking industry in the 1990s prior to joining Air Harrods, according to EBAN. Her experience in the private aviation industry is rooted in humble beginnings. “Working for Westland Helicopters in Battersea as Air Traffic Control Assistant, Administration Manager and then Deputy Heliport Manager sparked her passion for aviation,” the EBAN article states. This journey has seen Wyatt accumulate an incredible amount of experience in helicopter operations and other crucial aspects of private aviation operations and management.

EBAN quotes Harrods Aviation’s and Air Harrods’ Managing Director, Paul Norton, as saying: “The time has come to recognise Dawn’s tremendous contribution to the management and organisation of Air Harrods. She has unparalleled knowledge of the VVIP helicopter market in management services and the charter market. This long-overdue recognition is [a] testament to Dawn’s hard work and commitment to the company; I am extremely excited about its future growth and development during the next few years.”