Atlas Air Service

Atlas Air Service acquires FAA certification

Atlas Air Service has been awarded an FAA certification for operating as an MRO facility. According to Curt Epstein’s news article published at the AINonline website on 15 January 2017, the German-based private aviation services provider “has received a FAA certification as a Part 145 repair station and is now authorised to perform limited repairs on US-registered aircraft for accessories, airframe, instruments and power plants as well as non-destructive inspection, testing and processing.”

This brings Atlas Air Service’s regional MRO certifications to five. The company already holds MRO certifications from EASA, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia, according to Epstein. The FAA certification affords the company greater flexibility for expanding its service offerings to private aviation operators in the United States. It also gives the company access to the tremendous market expansion opportunity that exists amongst operators of US-registered aircraft.

Atlas Air Service is expressing optimism that the new certification will elevate the company’s profile in the international private aviation industry. The company’s management is looking forward to expanding its clientele base amongst private and business jet owners.

The top management at Atlas Air Service has already outlined plans to roll out FAA-affiliated MRO services. Epstein quotes the company’s Quality Manager, Bernd Dummer, as saying: “With this extension, we can immediately offer the entire package for N-registered aircraft as a full repair station: maintenance, repairs and regular inspections in accordance with FAR 91.409(f)(3), pitot-static and transponder checks for Citations, Embraers and King Airs and EASA form one dual release.”

Atlas Air Service is headquartered in Bremen, from where it coordinates operations in three other cities — Ganderkesee, Paderborn and Augsburg — according to Epstein. The company boasts numerous high-profile customers, including Embraer Executive Jets and Williams International. Other than MRO services, the company is also active in the aircraft sales and management services spheres.