Gulfstream G550

Beijing 999 adds Gulfstream G550 to fleet

The Beijing Red Cross Emergency Medical Centre (Beijing 999) has purchased a Gulfstream G550 to support its disaster relief and medical evacuation operations. In a news article published at the FlightGlobal website on 20 March 2017, Kate Sarsfield reports: “The large-cabin twinjet will be outfitted at the US airframer’s maintenance, repair and overhaul facility in Appleton, Wisconsin.”

Although the delivery date of the G550 is yet to be determined, the aircraft will feature top-notch medical equipment and emergency services installations. “Features will include in-flight surgical operation capabilities, emergency resuscitation-enabled hospital beds, X-ray equipment, refrigerated medical storage cabinets and a medical bay,” according to Gulfstream,

Sarsfield reports that Gulfstream is confident in the suitability of the G550 to perform effectively in disaster relief and medical evacuation operations in China. This particular aircraft model is a preferred choice for not only business jet operators but also providers of special missions such as air ambulance services, military missions, research activities and intelligence operations. Moreover, the jet has been widely adopted in special medical evacuation operations around the world. According to Sarsfield, Gulfstream “notes that there are already 25 G550s and smaller and shorter-range G450s in medical evacuation service worldwide.”

Gulfstream’s top management has expressed gratitude for the opportunity to supply the G550 as a special-purpose aircraft for Beijing 999’s crucial operations. Sarsfield quotes Scott Neal, Gulfstream’s Senior Vice President for Worldwide Sales, as saying: “We are committed to working with customers to deliver an aircraft that exceeds their requirements, and this uniquely tailored G550 is no exception.” Sarsfield further quotes Neal as adding: “The aircraft’s customisable cabin will serve as an example for future programmes.” Beijing 999 already has a fixed-wing aircraft, a Dassault Falcon 2000LX, that operates alongside two Airbus Helicopters H135s.