Bell’s Prague aircraft

Bell’s Prague aircraft customisation centre completes first choppers

Bell Helicopter’s new European aircraft customisation centre in Prague has announced the completion of its first batch of choppers, according to Mark Huber’s news article published at the AINonline website on 26 January 2017. As Huber reports, on 25 January, Bell Helicopter “delivered the first three fully customised aircraft to be completed at its new European Customisation and Delivery Centre in Prague.”

This is a major milestone for Bell’s rotorcraft customisation and delivery operations in Europe, considering that the completed aircraft are Model 429 light twins. The three aircraft were delivered to Bell’s Slovakian customers. Huber writes: “The Model 429 light twins are configured for EMS for Air Transport Europe of Slovakia.” This shows that the newly launched Prague facility is already recording significant successes in penetrating the Eastern European private aviation markets and acquiring new customers.

Bell has done a great job in equipping the Prague centre with the advanced equipment and tools required to perform customisation operations to perfection. The centre features a state-of-the-art paint booth that is capable of handling the entire Bell product range, including the “in-development 525 super-medium twin,” according to Huber.

The management at the Prague centre is excited about the facility’s immense success. Huber quotes the facility’s general manager, Joachim Goldenberg, as saying: “We celebrated the installation of our brand-new paint facility and delivery centre earlier this May.” Huber further quotes Goldenberg as adding: “We now have the ability to provide full customisation, including maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities, offering a bespoke delivery experience for all of our European customers.”

Bell’s management is expressing confidence in the potential of the European region to drive market growth. According to Huber: “Bell called the growth of its civil fleet in Europe in recent years ‘significant,’ particularly in the parapublic and EMS sectors.” The company’s network of European operations spans several other countries, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Russia.