Bristow Nigeria commences helicopter operations

Bristow Nigeria commences helicopter operations

The Port Harcourt-based Bristow Nigeria announced on 27 July 2016 the launch of its helicopter search and rescue (SAR) operations. The private aviation company has successfully deployed an AW139 helicopter in its maiden forays into the SAR market. This is according to a news article published at the European Business Air News (EBAN) website.

The top management team at Bristow Nigeria is optimistic about the prospects of the company’s diversification into the SAR market. The EBAN article quotes Bristow Nigeria’s regional director, Akin Oni, as saying:

“Bristow is a known leader in providing SAR around the world, and we have unparalleled understanding of what is required in Nigeria. The service is a natural extension of our business transporting personnel offshore that we’ve provided here for more than 50 years. And demonstrates our continued long-term commitment to the country.”

Significant Success for Bristow Nigeria

In the meantime, Bristow Nigeria’s parent company was posting success in its other international markets. For instance, Bristow Helicopters’ UK operations has already had a year of successful operations. The company’s Wales-based Caernarfon SAR base for coastguard helicopters has been in operation since 2015. Making it the third Bristow Helicopter base in the UK.

The first anniversary of the base’s operations underscores significant success. A success that the company has already achieved in the UK SAR market. According to the EBAN article: “Caernarfon has flown more than 500 mission hours and rescued or assisted in excess of 200 people.” The EBAN website further reports that the “base had the highest number of missions in a single month of all the bases, with 52 tasks in August 2015.”

Bristow Helicopters is relishing the tremendous milestones that the Caernarfon SAR base has already achieved. Within the short span of its existence. The EBAN article quotes Dave Kenyon, Caernarfon’s chief pilot, as enthusing:

“I count myself lucky to be based at Caernarfon and to have such a great team with me. As we continue to settle into the civilian SAR way of life, I hope that the coming year is as enjoyable as the past one.”