Daher reports marginal dip

Daher reports marginal dip in annual aircraft delivery

Daher, a France-based manufacturer of aircraft and aerostructures, has reported a slight decline in its 2016 deliveries of TBM single-engine turboprop jets. The company’s TBM deliveries reduced to 54 jets in 2016, down one unit from 2015, according to Kate Sarsfield’s news article published at the FlightGlobal web site on 24 January 2017.

Daher’s market performance trends also show that deliveries of the new TBM 930 outperformed those of the TBM 900. Sarsfield writes: “Shipments of its TBM 930 model outstripped its older TBM 900 stablemate by two to one.” In 2016, the company delivered 36 TBM 930s compared to 18 TBM 900s.

The outstanding market performance of the TBM 930 is attributable to its exceptional technical specifications and impressive functional design. Launched in April 2016, the TBM 930 stands out as a technologically superior model featuring state-of-the-art interior design and cockpit functionalities. According to Sarsfield, this particular business jet “features Garmin’s G3000 touchscreen glass flightdeck and a reconfigured cockpit, plus redesigned seating and upgraded interior trimmings and finishes.”

As for market segmentation, Daher’s 2016 performance shows that North America was its top market destination, followed by Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. The United States and Canada accounted for 41 units of the company’s total shipments for 2016, states Sarsfield. The company delivered ten aircraft to Europe, with the United Kingdom accounting for four of them. The Latin America and Asia Pacific regions accounted for a combined three units of deliveries, with the former taking two units and the latter one unit.

Daher’s top management is generally pleased by the company’s market performance in 2016, despite the marginal dip. Sarsfield quotes Daher’s Senior Vice President of Airplane Business, Nicolas Chabbert, as saying: “The 2016 results confirm that customers worldwide continue to appreciate the value proposition of our TBM product line, which we extended last year with the TBM 930 version.”