Dassault Aviation

Dassault reports rising business jet sales in China

Dassault Aviation is experiencing favourable business tidings in the Chinese aviation market. According to a news article published at the AINonline website on 11 April 2017, the company “is showing its flagship Falcon 8X this week at ABACE 2017 in Shanghai, and if the success of the 7X in China is any indication, the 8X should do quite well in this market.” The heightened prospects for the 8X business jet are particularly occasioned by the successful placement of one of the jets under contract with a customer in China.

The 8X is a magnificent business jet featuring tremendous functional capabilities that are well suited for long-range flights. “With a range of 11,950 m (6,450 nm), the 8X can fly from Shanghai to much of the US, including Chicago, all of Europe, most of Africa and all of Asia Pacific,” according to AINonline.

Dassault is particularly thrilled by the enormous interest that Chinese customers have shown towards the 8X. AINonline quotes Falcon Asia Pacific’s President, Jean-Michel Jacob, as confirming: “Prospects [for the 8X in China] look extremely good.” The trend is setting the pace for the company’s progress to the next phase of entering negotiations with Chinese customers interested in purchasing the jet.

The management team at Dassault has opined that China’s private aviation market is gradually shaping into a lucrative market. The AINonline article quotes Jacob as saying: “It was quiet for the last two years, but now there is some real movement. Not as good as five years ago, bur certainly an active market. The driver is the economy of China. China is getting bigger and more global, and its investments are located far away.” As such, Dassault does not expect to experience many hurdles in marketing the 8X in China, considering that the 7X is already a hit in the country.