Nextant jet

Demand soars for DragonFly’s first Nextant jet

DragonFly Executive Air Charter is experiencing skyrocketing demand for its first Nextant jet, according to a news article published at the European Air Business News (EBAN) website on 1 September 2016. The company recently expanded its AOC with the addition of the Nextant 400XTi, and the results are already impressive. According to the EBAN article, the tremendous success that the Nextant jet has already generated has prompted DragonFly’s management to shelve earlier plans to venture into rotary operations and instead concentrate on expansion into the business jet market.

DragonFly’s management is extremely delighted by the warm reception that customers have accorded the Nextant jet. The company’s chief executive officer, Howard Palser, is full of praise for the performance of this particular jet compared to the other aircraft of the company. The EBAN article quotes Palser as saying: “The difference between this aircraft and our King Airs is significant. The King Air has a range of about 1,350 nm with a ceiling under 30,000 ft, while the Nextant is just a phenomenal performer with a ceiling of 45,000 ft. It cruises at 465 kts and has a range of over 2,000 nm; it’s in a totally different league. The Aircraft has caught on like wildfire with our existing clients.”

The Nextant jet features an opulent interior that is defined by a spacious and exceptionally comfortable cabin. Its outstanding functionality features are generating tremendous operational efficiencies for the company. EBAN quotes Palser as elaborating: “We are saving almost an hour in journey times on some of the trips we now do down to Faro and southern Spain, Majorca and so on. We have been out to Malta without a fuel stop too.”

The Nextant jet is being operated by highly qualified professionals. According to EBAN: “Some of the Nextant’s existing freelance crew have been drafted in from SaxonAir, and DragonFly’s chief pilot Simon Robinson has also been retrained and type rated, with another crew member set to follow suit.”