Diamond Aircraft DA62 makes Australian debut

Diamond Aircraft DA62 makes Australian debut

Diamond Aircraft has confirmed that the Australian aviation market is hosting the DA62 for the first time. Following the successful delivery of the business jet. The news comes from the FlightGlobal Website, in an article dated 25th July 2016. Kate Sarsfield revealed that Sydney-based distributor, Hawker Pacific, took delivery of one DA62 unit on 18th July. According to Sarsfield:

“The six-seat piston-twin made a 60h, 10,000nm (18,500) ferry flight from Diamond’s headquarters in Wiener Neustadt to Hawker Pacific’s base at Bankstown airport, near Sydney.”

Demonstration Tours by Diamond Aircraft

The successful delivery of this private aviation aircraft will precede five weeks of demonstration tours to different destinations. Both in Australia and New Zealand. The demonstration tours are due to last through to mid-August 2016. They are also expected to set the foundation upon which Diamond Aircraft and Hawker Pacific will build the DA62 brand in Australia.  Along with the Asian-Pacific region as a whole.

The DA62, an Austro AE330-powered aircraft, is already winning admirers in Australia’s private aviation industry. It is already being touted as a suitable addition to the country’s competitive aviation market. In the article, Sarsfield cites Diamond test pilot Thomas Wimmer as confirming that:

“He flew the 1800nm coast journey from Perth to Sydney in a single day.” Sarsfield quotes Wimmer as enthusing that “with a 40-50kt tailwind, the DA62 consumed only 117USgal of fuel.”

The DA62 market branding success will be largely fuelled by its outstanding functionality features. The low fuel consumption rates of its diesel-powered engine will be a major selling point for the aircraft. An aircraft which hit the aviation market towards the end of 2015. The Austro AE330-powered twin-engine also gives the aircraft an edge in power and performance. It is no wonder that Diamond is off to a good start with the DA62. Sarsfield reported that it has already delivered 11 units of the aircraft. For the remainder of the year, production has sold out also.