Landvetter Airport

EFS relocates base to Landvetter amid operations expansion prospects

European Flight Service (EFS) has found a new home in Gothenburg for its head office operations. According to a 3 March 2017 news article from European Business Air News (EBAN), EFS “has relocated to Landvetter International Airport in Gothenburg and is building an FBO there.”

The relocation comes at a time when the company is pursuing a multipronged expansion strategy in the European regional market. EFS has actually been growing its operational base in England’s Farnborough Airport. This ongoing expansion and fleet replenishment is part of the operator’s overall strategic realignment programme. EBAN quotes EFS’ CEO, Stephen Diapere, as saying: “Our fleet has remained the same for a while now. We have the same eight aircraft: a Gulfstream, a Legacy, an XLS, an XLS+, two Sovereigns, a CJ3 and a CJ1. The charter market has been very hot, especially from the UK, where the Legacy is based [at Farnborough]. It is flying all the time, so we are very pleased.”

EFS’ management team is satisfied with the smooth progress of the Farnborough project. Much of the initial preparations at the base, including staff recruitment, are already complete. Diapere confirmed that the company recently increased the number of staff at the Farnborough facility from three to five.

He also revealed that the facility is on course to receive two new business jet aircraft. EBAN quotes Diapere as elaborating: “This year, we are hoping to take on two new aircraft under management at Farnborough; they are Bombardier models, which will be a first for us. The contracts are very close to being signed, and that will give some impetus to what we are doing in the UK. Our goal is to get back to about 20 aircraft in total. We had 15 once upon a time, before the big crash came in 2008.”