Global Express Business Jet

FAI completes the acquisition of four aircrafts

FAI Asset Management GmbH (FAI) has confirmed the addition of two Global Express and two Learjet 60 aircraft to its fleet. The company announced that it would be leasing the four Bombardier aircraft to its FAI Aviation Group subsidiary. A news article published at the BART international website, on 14 June 2016, declares that the acquisition:

“Makes FAI Aviation Group the largest business jet operator in Germany. With a total of 20 jets operating on the FAI AOC and 1A on FAI owned Fly Alpha’s AOC.”

Faith in Global Express and Learjet

The FAI did not disclose the supplier of the four Bombardier aircraft. However, the choice demonstrated the company’s faith in the Global Express and Learjet brands. At the time of the announcement, FAI had already begun deploying the Learjet aircraft in its international air ambulance operations. The company was due to commission the flights of the Global Express aircraft within the first three months of the second half of 2016. The full deployment of the extra aircraft will see FAI expand the scope of its VIP charter services and air ambulance operations.

The elevation of FAI into the apex of Germany’s competitive private business jet segment is an exciting development. Both within the company and the country’s aviation industry as a whole. The company’s senior management described the fleet expansion as:

“A good development that will increase its competitiveness”.

The BART international news article quotes Siegfried Axtman, FAI’s owner and chairman, applauding that:

“It’s a good feel to the largest business jet operator in Germany at a time when consolidation seems to be prevalent. With this in mind, our primary goal is to continue to be one of the most profitable jet operators in Europe. And so far this year it is looking like we will achieve this again.”