Learjet 35a

FAI finally phases out Learjet 35A aircraft

FAI rent-a-jet has finally phased out the Learjet 35A aircraft from its fleet. The company recently completed the sale transaction of the last of its four Learjet 35A aircraft to a new owner in Mexico, according to a 6 March 2017 Corporate Jet Investor news article by Terry Spruce.

This is a significant development regarding the German-based operator’s current private aviation programmes and future plans. The company has operated the Learjet 35A aircraft since 2001, and the decision to sell them signals a major strategic shift. “Between them, they have logged 38,000 hours of total airtime, which is roughly the time it would take to travel around the world 450 times,” Spruce writes. FAI’s decision to sell these particular Learjet aircraft was motivated by the growing demand for larger, long-haul jets.

Although the jets’ sale marks the successful completion of one phase of the company’s plans, the whole experience was overwhelmingly emotional for the staff. The departure of the last Learjet 35A definitely brought back fond memories of the aircraft’s excellent service record. Spruce quotes FAI Chairman Siegfried Axtmann as saying: “Today is an emotional day. This Learjet type was our first Learjet aircraft and served as the engine for the company’s growth in the field of Air Ambulance. I hope that it will perform many happy landings for its new owner.”

FAI’s management is already looking forward to a new future of larger business jets. There are also signs that the company will be making additional market-oriented adjustments to its fleet. Spruce quotes Axtmann as elaborating: “Sooner or later, FAI will also outsource its remaining two Learjet 55 models by replacing them with Learjet 60s, and we will be in the good position of operating only two different aircraft models (Learjet 60 and Challenger 604) across our worldwide Air Ambulance service.”