Dario Fetahović

FAI Technik appoints new head of Maintenance Planning

FAI Technik has completed the recruitment of a new executive for its Maintenance Planning and Customer Support segment. In a news article published at the Corporate Jet Investor website on 9 February 2017, Terry Spruce reports that “the Maintenance division of German-headquartered FAI Group has appointed Dario Fetahović as the head of Maintenance Planning and Customer Support with immediate effect.”

Fetahović’s appointment is laden with tremendous strategic undertones for FAI Technik’s long-term plans in Germany and internationally. He has worked for many years in aircraft engineering and maintenance operations. In fact, his new posting is expected to be ideal for him, because prior to his appointment, he served as the head of Maintenance Planning at the Bombardier service centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

FAI Technik’s top management is expressing confidence in Fetahović’s ability to steer its Maintenance and Customer Support operations to greater heights. Spruce quotes Siegfried Axtmann, the FAI Group chairman, as saying: “We are delighted to welcome someone of Dario’s calibre to our team at FAI. We enjoyed a successful 2016, and we have exciting plans afoot for 2017, including the opening of our new Hangar 8 this spring, which will be dedicated to line maintenance work. Dario’s experience will be an asset in delivering the benefits these developments will offer to our customers.”

Fetahović is equally optimistic about his new role and is expressing confidence in the ability of FAI’s team to deliver performance and results. Spruce quotes Fetahović as saying: “FAI, with the addition of its new third hangar, Hanger 8, represents a fantastic opportunity to further establish itself within Europe’s landscape of business jet maintenance and servicing by exceeding customers’ expectations. We have a great team of guys, and I’m looking forward to contributing my share in developing and enhancing the current infrastructure to enable us to perform on time and on budget delivering the product to our customers.”