Falcon Aviation

Falcon’s Dubai VIP heliport becomes operational

Falcon Aviation’s UAE division has successfully commenced its VIP heliport operations in Dubai. According to a news article published at the European Business Air News (EBAN) website on 26 April 2017, the company “has opened a VIP heliport at Dubai South Al Maktoum International Airport, where it will have two based charter helicopters.”

VIP Heliport opened at Dubai South VIP Terminal

The heliport’s operations are based at the Dubai South VIP Terminal. It actually lies next to the VIP Terminal and is designed to accommodate up to three large choppers. The facility will be open for use whenever needed, although customers are required to give a two-hour prior notice. The EBAN article states that Falcon Aviation is projecting a daily demand of five choppers.

Flacon Aviation has confirmed that it is providing the heliport’s personnel in addition to extending services to all operators, including private jet operators and individuals. The facility is also available for use by customers from regional destinations spanning the Gulf Coast Countries and India as well as countries in the Far East, according to the EBAN article.

EBAN quotes Captain George Prentzas, the Chief Pilot Onshore – VVIP Operations of Falcon Aviation and Accountable Manager of Atlantis Helipad, as saying: “We are very pleased with our progress as we realise our strategic three-part plan to bolster our footprint in Dubai and the UAE. Our goal is to build important infrastructure in the region, not just for our own operations but to support others as they expand too.”

Falcon Aviation’s Chief Operating Officer, Captain Raman Oberoi, is quoted in the EBAN article as adding: “We are very proud to be opening up this important facility that will take clients directly to their destination of choice. We will have a dedicated team to support the heliport activity to help with flight planning and pre-booking slots.”