Surf Air's Phenom 300

FlexJet to manage Surf Air’s Phenom 300 fleet

FlexJet Europe has landed a deal to manage Surf Air’s Phenom 300 fleet in Europe. The deal will see FlexJet, through its UK-based subsidiary FlairJet, take charge of the fleet, according to Terry Spruce’s 25 May 2017 news article published at the Corporate Jet Investor website.

The fleet management agreement between FlexJet and Surf Air is set to benefit both companies in their European branding and marketing exploits. FlexJet’s market experience and operational resources in Europe will be crucial to Surf Air’s achievement of market performance targets. The top brass at FlexJet also sees this partnership as a viable opportunity for entrenching the company’s brand in Europe’s private aviation industry. Spruce quotes FlexJet CEO, Ray Jones, as saying: “I see this as a very synergetic relationship with clear mutual benefits.”

European expansion goals

The decision by Surf Air to outsource the management of its aircraft fleet to FlexJet has effectively accelerated its European expansion strategy. Surf Air Europe’s CEO, Simon Talling-Smith, is quoted by Spruce as saying: “I am excited to forge this partnership with FlairJet, given that our business objectives to further expand European operations on both fronts align significantly.” The decision also favours both companies because FlexJet has been pursuing market expansion in Europe since 2016, when it acquired FlairJet.

Track record

FlairJet already boasts a track record for managing Phenom 300 business jet aircraft in the European market. “FlairJet was the first European operator of Embraer’s Phenom 300,” according to Spruce. This experience affords the operator an extra operational advantage.

Spruce quotes Peter Griffith, Embraer Executive Jets’ Senior Vice President of Sales for Europe, CIS and Africa, as confirming: “We have enjoyed a long relationship with FlairJet and FlexJet that embodies some of our most popular products. We have jointly pioneered many initiatives together that continue to reshape the market.”