GainJet Aviation sets up shop in Ireland

GainJet Aviation sets up shop in Ireland

GainJet Aviation has announced the commencement of operations in the Republic of Ireland. After it successfully acquired the air operator’s certificate from the country’s aviation authorities. Reports come from Kate Sarsfield’s news article published on the Flightglobal website on 28th June 2016. The Greece-based aviation company set up shop in Ireland in response to the growing numbers of passengers. Especially those seeking transatlantic services.

Strategic Location for Gainjet Aviation

GainJet’s business aviation services will based at Shannon Airport. The aviation company has already designated a Bombardier Challenger 604 to operate at the airport. According to reports, the 604  will bear the El-KMA registration

According to Sarsfield:

“Situated in the west of Ireland, Shannon is one of only a handful of airports outside the USA that is able to provide inbound customs and immigration pre-clearance for business jets and crews.”

Shannon Airport’s location is proving crucial in GainJet’s objectives in the international aviation market. In fact, the strategic location of Ireland, as a whole, has its benefits.

Sarsfield attested the strategic position of the aviation firm with a quote from GainJet Chief Executive Dimitris Kehayas:

“GainJet was established with a particular mission in mind. To expand [our] coverage of Europe and the West, while also supporting its current operations.” This is indeed a noble mission, and GainJet has time on its side to develop its brand in Ireland.

GainJet Aviation has emerged as one of the fastest-growing private jet companies in Europe and the Middle East. The company has built an enviable brand in the VIP charter and management services segment of the aviation industry. Its fleet offerings comprise a diversified portfolio of VIP aircrafts. GainJet’s private charter fleet consists of nine aircraft. Including two Boeings and seven Gulfstreams ranging between G450, G550 and G650. Other than Greece and Ireland, GainJet also has offices in London.