GainJet London Stansted

GainJet’s medical evacuation unit sets up shop in London

GainJet has completed the process of setting up its London Stansted base for European medical evacuation operations. “GainJet will provide the service using one of the group’s Bombardier Challenger 604 medevac aircraft registered under its Irish AOC, GainJet Ireland,” according to Terry Spruce’s 21 April 2017 news article published at the Corporate Jet Investor website.

The Bombardier Challenger 604 medevac aircraft is sufficiently customised and significantly equipped to meet the unique needs of the medical evacuation operations. Spruce reports: “The aircraft is configured with a medical stretcher system and can accommodate up to six additional family members as well as the medical staff.”

London Stansted chosen location for European medical evacuation operations for GainJet

The London Stansted location will provide GainJet with the convenience of accessing most of Europe. This affords the company greater flexibility for stretching its services to the region’s long-haul routes. Spruce quotes GainJet Ireland’s CEO, Captain Dimitrios Kehayas, as saying: “Our mission is to provide a reliable medevac service based in London that is readily available to serve the European market. We’ve been working non-stop over the past six months establishing this operation, training the dedicated staff and putting everything in place to ensure we can provide a smooth medevac service.”

Spruce quotes GainJet Group’s CEO, Captain Ramsey Shaban, as elaborating: “We have a long-term mission to fully establish our medevac operation to cover the needs of our clients within our market territory. Our Kuwait medevac base is fully functioning, so we felt confident in expanding this service further. We noticed a lack of long-range medevac aircraft in the UK and found London Stansted to be an ideal base for this operation. The next step for us is to set up a medevac base in Kigali, Rwanda to serve the African market, which does not have easy access to reliable, long-range medevac aircraft.”