Germany's Air Hamburg

Germany’s Air Hamburg welcomes eighth Legacy 650 aircraft

Air Hamburg has finally taken delivery of a new Legacy Embraer 650 business jet aircraft, according to a news article published at the European Business Air News (EBAN) website on 3 November 2016. This jet is now the eighth L650 in the company’s aircraft fleet.

The L650 is a heavy and generously spaced jet that is well-suited for the private charter market. It is for this reason that Air Hamburg’s top management is dedicating the aircraft towards the optimisation of value proposition. EBAN quotes the company’s Vice President, Algernon Trotter, as saying: “Cost per seat, cabin size and unrivalled baggage capacity plus excellent dispatch reliability made this a no-brainer.” The jet affords Air Hamburg greater leverage for exploiting additional long-range routes and new market opportunities.

Air Hamburg is particularly drawing inspiration from the L650’s enviable track record as a reliable, versatile, enduring and fuel-saving business jet. EBAN quotes Trotter as revealing: “The Legacy has been on the market for more than 15 years, and aside from providing numerous improved features, it is the proven reliability, quality and popularity of this aircraft that appeals to us.”

Air Hamburg’s experience with the Legacy dates back to 2013, when the company first introduced the aircraft to its fleet. The jet has been particularly well- received by customers in the company’s core markets of Russia and the Middle East. The aircraft’s arrival underscores the company’s accelerating growth rate, which has been defined by the expansion of its personnel team to over 220 full-time employees and its relocation to a bigger office space, according to EBAN.

The company hopes that the Legacy aircraft will be instrumental in its plans to revive its fortunes in the Russian aviation market. The Russian market has been unstable due to its political conflicts with Ukraine and the West.