GlobeAir to launch scheduled services using current Citation fleet

GlobeAir is set to launch scheduled services using its current fleet of Cessna Citation Mustangs. In her 6 June 2017 news article published at the FlightGlobal website, Kate Sarsfield reports that the Austrian air taxi company is launching the service “as part of its strategy to provide a range of offerings to existing and potential customers of the entry-level jets – for which it is the oldest and largest operator in the world.”

Fleet expansion

This sets the stage for the expansion of GlobeAir’s fleet of business jet aircraft to accommodate the demand that will be triggered by the launch of scheduled services. Although GlobeAir already has 16 Citation Mustangs at its disposal, the company plans to acquire additional aircraft to avoid gaps in service delivery. Sarsfield quotes Bernhard Fragner, the founder and CEO of GlobeAir, as saying: “Our plan is to have a fleet of 20 Mustangs within the year, which will give us critical mass and pan-European coverage.”

This will also enable the company to accelerate its growth targets and consolidate market leadership. In a quote published in Sarsfield’s news article, Fragner acknowledges: “We have grown slowly but strongly and are now the market leader in the entry-level charter segment.”

Cost-cutting strategy

The introduction of scheduled services with an expanded aircraft fleet will afford GlobeAir greater flexibility in implementing efficiency and cost-cutting measures. Sarsfield quotes Fragner as elaborating: “A fleet of 20 aircraft will not only give us more buying power in terms of fuel and other fixed-base operator (FBO) costs, it will also allow us to position aircraft in or close to the most popular destinations. This will reduce empty legs and positioning fees and lower the cost of charter considerably for our customers.”

GlobeAir’s top brass is also confirming that the scheduled service launch will focus on the capitals of the UK, France and Switzerland. Fragner is quoted by Sarsfield as emphasising: “These are our most popular destinations, and there is certainly enough demand on these routes for a regular, per-seat scheduled service.”