Citation Latitude

Hawker Pacific to conduct Citation Latitude’s demonstration tour

Australia and New Zealand are scheduled to host Hawker Pacific’s demonstration tour of the Cessna Citation Latitude. According to Terry Spruce’s news article published at the Corporate Jet Investor website on 17 October 2016, the company will use the tour to showcase the advanced technical and functional features of the business jet.

The Cessna Citation Latitude is a versatile business jet that is designed to optimise comfort during flights. Some of its outstanding features include spacious legroom along with sufficient space for storage. The state-of-the-art jet can comfortably accommodate up to nine passengers during business trips. It also features advanced communication installations that support on-board Wi-Fi connections and touch-screen controlled cabin comfort, according to Spruce.

Spruce quotes Hawker Pacific’s Tony Jones as saying: “The Cessna Citation Latitude boasts the most spacious, refined cabin in the midsize jet category providing more space for business productivity. With the latest cabin technology, enhanced performance and excellent value proposition this jet is leading the way for the future of business flying.” Indeed, there is no doubt that private aviation companies can harness the innovations that have been introduced in the Cessna Citation Latitude to enhance their competitive profiles.

Hawker Pacific’s top management is upbeat about the planned demonstration tour of the Cessna Citation Latitude. The tour provides a perfect opportunity for the company to engage with its customers and highlight the aircraft’s prolific features. Spruce quotes Jones as stating: “We are delighted to be touring the Cessna Citation Latitude across Australia and New Zealand and demonstrating its advanced features and exceptional capability to potential buyers.”

As Spruce reports, the tour will take the jet to several Australian and New Zealand cities, including Perth, Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. Hawker Pacific plans to wind up the extensive tour on 22 October 2016.