HeliGroup enters high-end helicopter market

HeliGroup enters high-end helicopter market

HeliGroup, a subsidiary of helicopter training, charter, tours and consultancy company Helicopter Services, has announced its entry into the high-end helicopter market in the UK.

The company will focus on the rotary charter and management market, building on the advanced training Helicopter Services provides, business aviation magazine European Business Air News (EBAN) has reported.

Founded by entrepreneur Matthew Munson, HeliGroup will target high net-worth people and corporations, operating a mixed fleet. It offers a concierge service that includes a weather guarantee, which means the in-house chauffeur team will ensure clients reach their destination, no matter what the weather conditions, for no extra charge.

“Helicopter Services is primarily a training company,” Munson said. “For at least 20 years its focus has been on the higher level training, so instrument-rated CPLs [commercial pilot licenses], flight instructor training and so on. It is very good at that, but it has the staff and expertise specifically designed for this function. HeliGroup is looking after the high-end customer in terms of aircraft management.”

Munson added that HeliGroup has an instrument flight rules (IFR) air operators certificate (AOC) due to it being a subsidiary of Helicopter Services, meaning it can also look after the machines of its customers, and provide pilots that can fly them, meaning it can offer a tailored service.

HeliGroup has recruited Ed Sale, former Airbus Helicopters Sales Manager, with the company aiming to both focus and build on its existing expertise and resources, according to Munson.

“We have taken on an AW109SP, factory-new, that we received about three months ago. We are currently negotiating on another AW109, and that gives us our independence. We want to offer brand-new, high-end machines,” he explained.

HeliGroup is currently operating from Wycombe Air Park, but is considering whether to open a second base. The company is in discussions with Oxford airport, but nothing has yet been confirmed.