HeliValue$ projects sales rebound for light used choppers

HeliValue$ is predicting better days for the light used helicopters market. According to Mark Huber’s 24 April 2017 news article published at the AINonline website, a report from the aircraft valuation services company is indicating that “the used helicopter market might be rebounding off the bottom, based on its first-quarter 2017 analysis released late last week.”

Light used helicopter sales slumped in 2009 following the global economic meltdown that crippled financial markets. The situation was worsened by a prolonged recession that lasted in the United States for most of the late 2000s and early 2010s, along with a Eurozone economic crisis that hit the majority of EU member countries at the same time.

Positive signs for recovery in the light used helicopter market

HeliValue$’ projections are indicative of rising prospects of the long-awaited recovery of sales in this particular helicopter segment. Huber quotes HeliValue$ as expressing: “For the first time since 2009, values have increased for a few models. There has also been a notable increase of reported sales transactions in the first quarter.”

Significant market activity has particularly been witnessed in the single turbine market, according to Huber. Huber quotes HeliValue$ as observing: “The single turbine market seems to be fairly active right now, with older Airbus AS350B2 and Bell 206L-3 values improving.” However, the HeliValue$ report is quick to warn that the other helicopter segments are yet to show much in recovery prospects. According to Huber, HeliValue$ pointed out that used singles and light twins along with the heavy choppers segment are yet to post recoveries in the trends of resale values of the aircraft.

The market recovery prospects for the Sikorsky S-92A helicopter are similarly gloomy. Huber quotes HeliValue$ as stating: “The number of Sikorsky S-92A aircraft on the market is increasing mostly due to a dearth of contract renewals. Unfortunately, some of the contracts that are renewing are now requiring alternative aircraft such as super mediums. Both asking prices and market demand for used S-92As has been declining over the past two quarters. There are some bright spots, but the oil market probably has the biggest impact on the helicopter industry as a whole.”

This is encouraging news for European private aviation operators with interests in the US and global helicopter markets. The slight recovery signs of the light used helicopter market may be signs of better things to come.