HondaJet scheduled for debut flights to Hong Kong and Taipei

The HondaJet is scheduled to make its debut in the key aviation markets of Hong Kong and Taiwan. On 29 March 2017, Honda Aircraft Company announced that the HondaJet is due to take its inaugural flights to Hong Kong and Taipei in April, according to a news article posted at the Aero Australia website.

These events will follow the completion of the Asian Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition, which will be hosted in China’s Shanghai City. Honda Aircraft Company’s decision to announce the planned demonstration flights of the business jet to Hong Kong and Taipei was clearly motivated by the aviation market potential in the two cities.

The top management at Honda Aircraft Company is expressing excitement at the prospects of taking the HondaJet on an Asian tour. The Aero Australia article quotes the company’s President and CEO, Michimasa Fujino, as saying: “Honda Aircraft Company continues to evaluate new markets as part of our global sales strategy for the HondaJet. With its high performance, superior fuel efficiency and a range that covers this region, the aircraft would be a valuable tool to support business growth in this emerging region for light jets. We are looking forward to presenting the HondaJet and its capabilities to many people through these special events.”

The Taipei and Hong Kong debut flights provide the perfect opportunity for the company to showcase the unique functional capabilities and technical installations of the light business jet aircraft. Its design is enhanced to guarantee top-notch performance in terms of both speed and efficiency. A description cited by the Aero Australia article states: “With a maximum cruise speed of 422 knots (486 mph), the HondaJet is the fastest jet in its class.” The aircraft has already been granted certifications by leading international aviation authorities and agencies in the United States, Europe and Mexico.