Indochina Aviation Centre

Indochina Aviation promoting Mekong region’s business aviation opportunities

The Indochina Aviation Centre is taking the opportunity provided by the ongoing MEBAA Convention to promote the Mekong region as an outstanding destination for private aviation operators. The company is a first-time exhibitor at the event, and it is already making a big statement about the tremendous potential of the Mekong region, according to Matt Thurber’s news article published at the AINonline website on 6 December 2016.

Indochina Aviation provides a portfolio of aviation services. As Thurber reports, the company’s services “include ground-handling, permits, catering, hotel arrangements and fuel access as well as arrangements through a sister company for tailor-made trips and tours.”

The company has mainly directed it focus on highlighting travel opportunities in Mekong, a region that comprises Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Thurber quotes Christian Mosebach, the company’s director and founder, as saying: “We want to tell people that the region is open. People might not think about travelling to the region, and we want to make them feel more confident.”

The leadership team at Indochina Aviation hopes that these marketing efforts will help it to recruit more clients in addition to establishing closer ties with its existing customers. The company is seeking to encourage business aviation operators to tap into the largely untapped industry potential in the Mekong region.

The opportunity to exhibit at the MEBAA convention is a significant achievement for the company, which began its operations four years ago. According to Thurber: “Indochina Aviation Centre was founded in 2012 to provide ground-handling and trip-planning services in Myanmar and Cambodia, initially for airlines.” This was followed a year later by the addition of business aviation and government clients to the whole of the Mekong region. The company has since been steadfast in its pursuit of growth opportunities and market expansion.