International Personal Banking

In association with our banking partner we are fortunate to offer a unique current account available and designed exclusively for international aviation professionals.

The Aviation Account has a low minimum balance and no minimum income requirement. Combined with optional Visa debit card and secure 24/7 Internet Banking, the Aviation Account puts you in control wherever you are in the world.

  • Available in Euro, US Dollar, Sterling and Australian Dollar
  • €2,500 / US$ 3,500 / £2,500 / AU$3,500 minimum balance, as applicable
  • No maintenance fee whilst the minimum balance is maintained
  • Simple to open and operate internationally
  • Certain free electronic payments*

Optional Visa Debit Card

  • Available in Euro, US Dollar, Sterling and Australian Dollar
  • Pay for goods and services and access your money in more than 200 countries, wherever you see the Visa mark
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer service

Internet banking through International Online

  • View and download your account activity
  • Arrange payments to accounts held at other banks worldwide
  • Secure authentication for your protection to authorise transfers and payments

Our international banking partner

Standard Bank