Jersey Jet Centre unveils private air taxi platform

Jersey Jet Centre has unveiled its Isle-Fly private air platform, according to Terry Spruce’s 15 May 2017 news article published at the Corporate Jet Investor website. The solution is well suited for business jet and private charter aircraft operating in the island and neighbouring destinations.

The company has chosen an eight-seat Cessna as the launching aircraft for the air taxi service. As Spruce reports: “The aircraft can fly to destinations up to two hours from Jersey or Guernsey.” This is a historic development for Jersey’s private aviation industry, as this is the first time in more than 30 years that the island has embraced a new air taxi service.

Founded by Colin Wright and Paul Sabin, Isle-Fly is designed to minimise logistical constraints and simplify trip planning for both business and leisure travellers. It also allows private aviation operators to enhance the reliability of charter services.

Isle-Fly’s founders have expressed confidence in the ability of the solution to streamline flight operations. Spruce quotes Wright, who is also Isle Fly’s Commercial Director, as saying: “Isle-Fly is a functional and efficient proposition that the islands desperately need, bridging the gap between scheduled flights and expensive jet charters. It’s your plane, your way. You choose when and where you want to fly. We can access smaller airfields that get you closer to your destination, avoiding the congested larger hubs. It’s the perfect solution, and we are extremely excited to be launching today.”

Spruce quotes the Ports of Jersey’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Doug Bannister, as acknowledging: “The introduction of this new product is very exciting and offers customers more choice in travel options for the islands. We hope this product will become very popular and wish the new company every future success with their plans.”