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Jet Aviation Basel secures Philippines’ operating licence

Jet Aviation Basel has secured the requisite regulatory approval to operate in the Philippines. According to Terry Spruce’s article published at the Corporate Jet Investor website on 18 August 2016: “Jet Aviation has received approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) authorising its MRO facility in Basel to support Falcon 900 series aircraft registered in the Philippines.”

This is good news for the private aviation industry in the Philippines and the South East Asian region as a whole. The CAAP authorisation affords Jet Aviation greater leverage to accommodate more of the region’s private jet operators seeking specialised maintenance, repairs and operations services. The Philippines’ strategic geographic location in South East Asia makes it such a perfect site for serving the international market of private jet flights.

Jet Aviation’s MRO site in the Philippines also provides the company an edge in its regional expansion and marketing positioning strategies. Spruce quotes Jet Aviation’s senior vice-president and general manager, Johannes Turzer, as saying: “Our goal is to expand our scope of services to ensure we can support our customers in South East Asia who make transcontinental flights to Europe.”

Notably, Jet Avaiation’s successful acquisition of the regulatory approval also highlights the belief that the CAAP has the capacity to deliver high-quality services that meet the thresholds of the country’s aviation requirements. Spruce further quotes Turzer acknowledging this privilege with the statement: “This approval was issued in recognition of our quality maintenance and high service standards, which we are very pleased to extend to aircraft owners and operators of aircraft registered in the Philippines.”

Jet Aviation is also achieving regulatory strides in its Basel headquarters. The company is in the process of acquiring regulatory approval for its 2000 series in Switzerland. The Basel station ranks as one of Europe’s best MRO facilities. It serves as an approved service centre for world-leading aircraft brands such as Bombardier, Embraer and Dassault.