JetSmarter launching maiden Middle East-bound shared private jet flights

JetSmarter is scheduled to launch maiden Middle East-bound shared private jet flights. “The company will offer its members single seats on flights between London and Dubai,” according to Terry Spruce’s news article, published at the Corporate Jet Investor website on 23 November 2016. This development will see JetSmarter spread its route network beyond Europe and North America to Asia.

JetSmarter’s unique shared private jet flights service allows members to book seats on direct scheduled flights, according to Spruce. This service comes with the privilege of reserving seats on private jet aircraft that make direct flights to European and North American destinations. The introduction of the London-Dubai flight will now provide members with the flexibility of extending their journeys to the Middle East.

The company has so far indicated that it will initially make weekly flights between the two airports. As Spruce reports: “Flights from Dubai to London will operate on Thursday evenings, with London to Dubai flights operating on Friday lunchtimes.” London’s Luton Airport and Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport will be the departure and landing destinations of the company’s JetShuttle service. JetSmarter has reportedly confirmed that it will be using Embraer Legacy 650 private jet aircraft on the London-Dubai route.

The senior management at JetSmarter has expressed confidence in its forays into the Middle East. Spruce quotes the company’s founder and CEO, Sergey Petrossov, as saying: “We have a large membership base in Dubai, and due to the high demand, we are expanding our intercontinental JetShuttle service, which will now connect three major continents – North America, Europe and Asia.”

Spruce goes on to quote Petrossov as adding: “We’re proud to announce this new intercontinental route as we further establish ourselves as the world’s leading private aviation company and continue our global expansion.”