JetSuite showcases latest Embraer acquisition

JetSuite showcases latest Embraer acquisition

JetSuite used the tremendous opportunity presented by the 2016 edition of the Farnborough International Air Show to showcase its latest Embraer jet acquisition, the EMB-135 LR.

Previously owned by the American Eagle Airlines, this particular jet is a refurbished private jet hybrid unit. However, it also features a complete a cabin overhaul. It is one of the three E-135s that Embraer delivered to JetSuite in April 2016. According to Terry Spruce’s news article published at the Corporate Jet Investor website, on July 15, 2016, JetSuite is set to receive another batch of seven 10 E-135s from Embraer by the end of 2017.

JetSuite and the JetSuiteX Brand

During the unveiling, JetSuite hinted that the arrival of the E-135 marked a major shift in its market strategy. This is because the April delivery of the three jets coincided with the private jet operator’s launch of the JetSuiteX-branded public charter operations. As Spruce reported, the launch of JetSuiteX brand aims itself at “opening markets that had been unserved for over 25 years.”

The JetSuiteX is a unique product that allows public charter customers to access private jet service. Without pigeonholed by the limitations of membership signups or costly monthly subscriptions. Therefore, it provides public charter travellers with all the privileges associated with private jet facilities.

JetSuite’s top brass gushed at the opportunity to announce the introduction of the JetSuiteX. A product that will follow the arrival of the E-135. Spruce quotes JetSuite’ CEO, Alex Wilcox, saying:

“We’re thrilled to bring our latest fully overhauled EMB-135 aircraft to one of the biggest air shows in the world. Our fleet of JetSuiteX 30-seat Embraer 135 jets combines all the best comforts of private air travel. Including a private terminal ground experience, but for the price of a traditional airline seat.”

Indeed, this was a major achievement for a seven-year company that is still in the process of expanding its fleet and product offerings.