London to benefit from Bliss Jet scheduled flights

London to benefit from Bliss Jet scheduled flights

On 11 July 2016, Bliss Jet announced that its transatlantic private jet flights between New York and London would commence in two months’ time. According to Curt Epstein’s news article published at AINonline, the Aviation International News website:

“Bliss Jet will begin offering individually ticketed private jet flights between New York Westchester County and London Biggin Hill Airports starting in September,”

Bliss Jet is in the process of building up its fleet for long-haul international flights to Europe. The company already has in place a Jet Access-operated Glufstream IV. Jet Access is an aviation company that has already earned Argus Platinum’s preferential rating. Not only that, but its aircraft’s public charter is approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation. David Rimmer, Bliss Jet’s President and CEO, revealed that the company is looking to sign up more aircraft and private jet operators. Something they hope to do before the commencement of its operations.

Luxury Flying with Bliss Jet

The flight schedule released by the company shows that its jets will depart New York on Sunday nights and return on Friday afternoons. As Epstein reports:

“Seats on the 14-passenger twinjet will cost $11,995 each way, and the company said it will limit seat sales ‘well below’ the maximum aircraft capacity to provide extra comfort.”

These will definitely be luxury private jet flights. For example, passengers will enjoy the flexibility of having a wide variety of custom meals to choose from. Not to mention multiple Wi-Fi-enabled in-flight entertainment options.

Bliss Jet’s customers will also have at their disposal concierge services, be it land or helicopter transfers. A service either upon arrival to destination or during departure from destination. The aviation company is evidently planning to curve out a market niche in the high-end private jet travel industry. Epstein further quotes Rimmer as saying:

“We are offering the advantages of private jet experience on optimally scheduled flights that bypass the inefficiencies of business-class travel.”

Bliss Jet is a start-up private aviation company, based in Long Island, New York.