Challenger 604

Luxaviation adds CL604 to charter fleet

Luxaviation UK has boosted its charter fleet with an additional Challenger 604. The private jet aircraft is based at Athens International Airport, from where it is available for immediate charter, according to a news article published at the European Business Air News (EBAN) website on 29 March 2017. The aircraft is destined for operations in the company’s South East Europe market.

Luxaviation has been able to expedite the deployment of the additional aircraft thanks to the waiver of its owner approval requirement. This brings the number of the operator’s fleet to 24 units. EBAN elaborates: “In addition to this latest jet and a recently added Challenger 350 and Falcon 2000LXS, the 24-strong Luxaviation UK fleet includes eight Embraer Legacy 600/650s, four Cessna Citation Excels and four Citation Mustangs.”

The 11-passenger private jet is fully equipped with advanced internal features and body customisations that are designed to optimise performance and comfort. Served by a team of three full-time cabin crew members, the CL604’s range stretches to 4,000 nm, according to EBAN.

Luxaviation UK’s top management is full of praise for the company’s latest private jet addition. EBAN quotes George Galanopoulos, the company’s Managing Director, as commenting: “There is high demand for business aviation in South East Europe but an inadequate supply of quality aircraft. The owner purchased the aircraft to help counter that shortage. The Greek economy may continue to struggle, but the business aviation market remains prominent as wealthy individuals and visitors require transportation during the tourist season, often to and from the neighbouring Balkan countries.”

As such, Luxaviation has managed to carve out a niche serving a reliable market segment of affluent clients who guarantee a consistent flow of business regardless of Greece’s unstable economic conditions. EBAN quotes Galanopoulos as adding: “The Challenger is an excellent addition to our fleet, representing a great opportunity for us to reach out to more clients in the region. It epitomises our key values of going above and beyond.”