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Luxaviation diversifies into the helicopter management market

Luxaviation Group has diversified into the helicopter management business with a new subsidiary known as Luxaviation Helicopters. In a news article published at the AINonline website on 6 February 2017, Chad Trautvetter reports that, in early February, the organisation “launched a global VIP helicopter management company with services that include crew provisioning and training, maintenance coordination, charter services, sales and acquisitions.” Luxaviation Helicopters is targeting VIP clients in both the private and corporate sectors in regional markets across the world, including Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East.

Europe’s private aviation market remains one of the crucial pillars of Luxaviation’s regional growth exploits. The company’s board has set its sights on Europe with a view of tapping into the region’s tremendous market opportunities. Trautvetter writes: “In fact, the company claims Luxaviation Helicopters will become one of the first VIP helicopter operators in Europe holding EASA approval to operate flights to offshored yachts and cruise liners.”

The company also confirmed the appointment of Charlotte Pedersen as Luxaviation Helicopters’ CEO. Pedersen boasts a wealth of experience in the private aviation industry, including a stint as the COO of Luxaviation Group. “Pedersen has nearly 30 years of aviation experience, including 17 years of military helicopter pilot experience as an officer in the Danish Royal Air Force,” Trautvetter reports.

Pedersen is optimistic about the growth prospects of Luxaviation Helicopters. Trautvetter quotes Pedersen as saying: “Luxaviation Helicopters will bring the luxury service standards of business jets into the helicopter world.” Trautvetter goes on to quote Pedersen as adding “Helicopter management is a natural complement to the services that the Luxaviation Group already provides, and we see significant potential in this area.”

The company’s board is signalling that it will be pursuing both organic and inquisitional growth strategies. The board plans to use these strategies to expedite the growth of Luxaviation’s brand and operations across regional markets.