Luxaviation launches new hangar facility

Luxaviation Belgium has launched a new hangar facility at the Kortrijk-Wevelgem International Airport, according to Terry Spruce’s news article published at the Corporate Jet Investor website on 16 November 2016. The new facility will see the company accommodate as many as 15 additional business jet aircraft. It will also house ExecuJet’s MRO operations in Belgium.

Luxaviation’s management indicates that the launch of the hangar in Belgium was motivated by the accelerating growth of the European business jet and private aviation markets. It is optimistic that the strategic location of the Belgian facility will help the company tap into the emerging opportunities in Europe and regional markets. Spruce quotes Hervé Laitat, Luxaviation Belgium’s CEO, as confirming: “Luxaviation sees the significant demand for business aviation in the region and has invested in the development of Luxaviation Belgium by providing this new facility.”

The newly launched facility has also been designed to conveniently accommodate larger aircraft. This has afforded the company the flexibility to reach out to customers who have large business jets in their fleets. Spruce quotes Laitat as saying: “We are now able to comfortably house larger aircraft, such as the Dassault Falcon 2000 and the Gulfstream V, in one location, increasing efficiency and service quality for our customers. The Luxaviation Belgium team are all very proud to be part of the new development, and we look forward to welcoming our existing and new customers to the facility.”

Other than size, the hangar also features modern installations and facilities that are designed to optimise service delivery. Its design was perfected to guarantee seamless operations and maximise customer experiences. Spruce quotes Luxaviation Belgium’s Sales Director, Dominiek Deman, as emphasising: “The new hangar enables us to offer our customers, the owners of private aircraft and business jets, a very high standard of service within a modern, heated building.”