Luxaviation UK

Luxaviation UK expands fleet with two additional aircraft

Luxaviation UK has announced the addition of two aircraft to its fleet. According to a news article published at the European Business Air News (EBAN) website on 12 January 2016, the company “has welcomed a factory-new Citation Mustang and Challenger 350 to its fleet, bringing the total number of aircraft in its fleet to 26.” The EBAN news article further reports that Luxaviation UK will manage the two business jet aircraft on behalf of two clients.

The addition of the aircraft to Luxaviation’s fleet early on in the year is a significant statement about the company’s resolve to achieve new market milestones. EBAN quotes the company’s Managing Director, George Galanopoulos, as commenting: “We are starting the year as we mean to go on. In 2016, we progressed in a significant number of aircraft management proposals, certainly more than the previous few years, and we are confident that these relationships will see the fleet grow further over the coming months.”

The two private jets will operate from two different locations in Europe. The brand-new Citation Mustang will operate from Nice, France, and the Challenger 350 will operate from the company’s base in Luton Airport, United Kingdom. However, whereas the four-passenger Mustang will be available for private charter, the Challenger 350 will be restricted to use by corporate clients only, according to EBAN.

Both aircraft are well equipped to serve the varying needs of the spanning regional markets of Luxaviation UK. The Mustang is particularly well tuned to serve the wider regional markets, despite its small size. EBAN quotes Galanapoulos as elaborating: “The addition of the Mustang and Challenger 350 marks an exciting time for Luxaviation UK. We are committed to ensuring that clients receive the luxury experience they expect from private aviation alongside our unrivalled customer service and our key value of going above and beyond.”