Metal Master Flaris Personal Jet

Metal Master on course to completing first light aircraft

Metal Master has hit the homestretch in its ongoing preparation for mass production of a single-engine light private jet aircraft. In a news article published at the FlightGlobal website on 13 February 2017, Kate Sarsfield reports that the company “is in the final stages of ground testing its Flaris LAR-1 personal jet and plans to fly the five-seat single early in the second quarter.”

The Poland-based aviation engineering company is already testing the functional installations of the unique aircraft. Sarsfield quotes Rafał Ładziński, Metal Master’s founder, as saying: “We are still performing tests on the on-board systems under the supervision of the Polish civil aviation authority.” Sarsfield further quotes Ładziński as adding: “But all ground testing should be complete by the end of [March].”

The company has already completed the testing of some of the LAR-1s crucial installations, including detachable wing and cabin pressurisation tests. According to Sarsfield, Ładziński describes the detachable wing as “one of the aircraft’s key features.” Its exceptionally small size also makes it suitable for optimising operational and resource efficiencies.

The LAR-1 is destined to become a state-of-the-art, low-cost aircraft for short distance flights. Its interior and exterior feature ultra-modern installations that are designed to optimise comfort and performance. Sarsfield reports that “the Williams International FJ33-5A-powered aircraft is believed to be the only Part 23 single-engined personal jet being developed outside the USA.” Its potential competitors are the Stratos 714 and the Cirrus Vision SF50, the former of which is still in the developmental phase. Sarsfield points out that the Cirrus Vision SF50 “has already opened up a significant lead, having entered service in December with a backlog of more than 600 aircraft.”

The LAR-1 aircraft is expected to cost around €1.6 million, and Metal Master’s management is in the process of opening the order book. Sarsfield reports: “The all-composite aircraft – which is planned to be first of a family of small aircraft developed by the company – will initially be validated under the Polish regulator’s S-1 experimental aircraft designation, with deliveries scheduled to begin in 2018.”