Nomad Aviation expands charter fleet with Citation CJ

Nomad Aviation’s charter fleet has expanded following the successful acquisition of an additional jet. In his 24 February 2017 news article published at the Corporate Jet investor website, Terry Spruce reports that the company “has added another Switzerland-based Citation CJ business jet to its charter fleet.” Nomad has also indicated that the jet is ready to begin operations by the end of February 2017, according to Spruce.

The addition of the Swiss-registered Citation CJ business jet to Nomad’s charter fleet is a tremendous achievement for the company. It is exciting news for both Nomad and its customers thanks to the jet’s advanced technical specifications and functional design. Designed to accommodate up to five passengers, the Citation CJ is a comparatively powerful and high-speed aircraft that is well suited for private aviation service. “The aircraft with winglets cruises at a speed in excess of 700km/hr, and the range is up to 1000nm (more than 20% range in comparison than other Citation Light Jets),” according to Spruce. The jet’s state-of-the-art cabin also features two pull-out tables and a small toilet.

Nomad’s top management team is confident that the additional jet will help meet the growing demand for the company’s charter services. The management is particularly impressed with the jet’s design and functional specifications, which are appropriately tailored to meet the prevailing market demand. Spruce quotes Andreas Pfisterer, Accountable Manager and Senior Vice President of Nomad’s Aircraft Management, as saying: “Passengers appreciate the aircraft’s range, cabin comfort and excellent performance for the category of aircraft.”

The suitability of the aircraft to the nature of customer preferences is particularly outstanding. Spruce quotes Thomas Köhli, Nomad’s Senior Vice President of Charter & Ground Operations, as acknowledging: “With home base in Switzerland and excellent availability, the aircraft is definitely a match for quick European intercity flights.”