Pilatus PC-12

Pilatus PC-12 tops 2016 turboprop sales

The Pilatus PC-12 was the top-selling turboprop business jet model in 2016. In a news article published at the Corporate Jet Investor website on 23 March 2017, Terry Spruce reported that “Pilatus delivered 91 PC-12 NG single-engine turboprops, making it officially the top-selling turbine-powered business aircraft in the world.”

Compared to the rest of the turbine-powered jets, unit sales of the PC-12 NG model were relatively higher in 2016. As Spruce reports, trends show that Pilatus is on course to deliver the 1,500th PC-12 by mid-2017. Data published in the General Aviation Manufacturers Association’s (GAMA’s) 2016 Year-End Aircraft Shipment and Billings report indicates further that sales of the PC-12 NG turboprop increased by 30% in 2016 compared to 2015, according to Spruce. The PC-12 NG recorded these tremendous shipment numbers despite a 3% drop in the overall shipments of business jets and turboprops.

Pilatus is impressed by the PC-12’s favourable market trends and growth prospects. Spruce quotes Pilatus Aircraft’s Vice President, Ignaz Gretener, as saying: “The entire Pilatus team, from engineering to manufacturing to sales and service, worked hard this year to achieve these successes in a very challenging market. The PC-12’s comfort, versatility, performance, resale value and safety all come together to make it the most sought-after aircraft in the market. We are honoured that our customers continue to put their trust in us, and we will never take that for granted.”

The PC-12 also continues to trend positively in the market domain for pre-owned aircraft. This particular jet model has exhibited exceptionally stable valuations compared to other turbine-powered aircraft. Spruce cites January 2017 data from the JETNET Evolution Marketplace Market Summary showing that “just 3.7% of the global fleet of PC-12s was listed for sale.”

This is interesting news for European aviation industry operators interested in expanding their fleet with turbine-powered aircraft.