Pilatus Aircraft

Pilatus reports impressive 2016 end-year results

Pilatus Aircraft has reported significant revenue growth in 2016. According to Kate Sarsfield’s news article published at the FlightGlobal website on 2 May 2017, the company’s “general aviation division recorded a 30% hike in revenues during 2016, with the surge due almost entirely to the stellar performance of its flagship PC-12NG single-engined turboprop.”

Sarsfield reports that Pilatus’ aircraft deliveries total in 2016 reached 117 units as compared with 121 units in the previous year. These aircraft included “nine PC-6s, plus 14 PC-21s and three PC-7 MkII trainers for military operators.”

Business Jet Sales spark profit surge for Pilatus Aircraft

As Sarsfiled reports, the company’s revenue shot from Swfr344 million in 2015 to Swfr457 million in 2016. The top management at Pilatus attributes the flow of additional revenue to the spike in the sales of its business jet aircraft. The company’s management particularly extends much credit to the increase in the number of PC-12NG aircraft that it sold during the year. The 91 PC-12NG units that Pilatus delivered in 2016 are 21 more than the 70 units that the company shipped to customers around the world in 2015.

The growing prominence of the PC-12NG in the private aviation market is associated with its advanced specifications and interior design. “Priced at $4.9 million, this latest NG version features better take-off and climb performance, more cabin comfort, greater range and speed and a quieter cabin,” according to Sarsfield.

Pilatus is also enjoying solid market prospects, if the company’s current aircraft backlog is anything to go by. It has managed to secure many orders from customers expecting to take delivery of their aircraft in 2017 and beyond. Sarsfield reports: “The value of the aircraft backlog on 31 December totalled ‘a comfortable’ Swfr1.74 billion, Swfr244 million higher than last year.” Pilatus’ management has confirmed that the company is planning to introduce its PC-24 series during the year.