JetEight launches in Germany

Private aviation membership club JetEight launches in Germany

JetEight is poised to become Germany’s first private aviation membership club, according to Ian Sheppard’s news article published at the AINonline website on 23 January 2017. Sheppard reports that Germany is due to “get its first private aviation membership club with the anticipated launch of the JetEight ‘all-you-can-fly’ service in July, ‘partnering with leading private aircraft operators’ and charging members €2,500 ($2,679) a month.”

Said to be the brainchild of students at Berlin’s ESMT business school, JetEight draws its name from the per-flight passenger load of the company’s target private aviation segment. The founders’ strategy is to concentrate the club’s activities in Europe prior to expanding to other regional markets. This will allow the club to build brand recognition and reputation in the European region before launching elsewhere.

In terms of JetEight’s scope of market operations, the club plans to spread its activities to both lower-traffic terminals and VIP terminals in different airports across Europe, according to Sheppard. The club’s first connection will link Berlin and Frankfurt and stretch through to Zurich. This will be followed by the gradual addition of other major cities.

JetEight’s management team has identified time-saving as the club’s main selling point. As Sheppard reports, membership to the club will afford subscribers the privileges of convenient access to flight terminals and avoidance of long wait times at commercial airports. Sheppard quotes Ruben Portz, JetEight’s founder, as saying: “This is the future of short-haul business travel – fly as much as you want for a fixed monthly fee, and get unlimited access at private terminals and jets.”

The club plans to out a market entry strategy that will encourage travellers who frequently use business jet aircraft to enrol for its services. According to Sheppard, this will include reimbursements for airline flights as compensation for the club’s initial network limitations.