Private jet travellers to benefit from Skyjet’s booking website

Private jet travellers to benefit from Skyjet’s booking website

On 30th June 2016, Skyjet announced the incorporation of private jets on its new, instant on-demand booking website feature. This is more or less a replica of the booking functionality that the aircraft charter broker already has on its Skyjet iOS app. According to a news article published on the AINonline website on 30th June 2016:

“The new Skyjet Max feature allows site visitors to select the type of charter they need from a custom fleet, see the price and instantly book their flight online using a credit card, wire transfer or funds on account.”

Innovative Skyjet Application

The Skyjet Max is an innovative web-based application that will change the future of private jet booking. The app allows customers to access the booking portal for the fleet of private jet aircrafts offered by the company. It is an instant no-strings-attached booking portal that eliminates waiting times. Waiting times usually experienced when asking for a quote and the approval of jet owners. Skyjet Max also allows customers to access Nextant 400XTs, a private jet fleet operated by Flight Options. This is an important inclusion to the application for one key reason. Because Flight Options hopes to soon become a fully-fledged operator of private charter aircraft.

This is a welcome development for private jet customers. Especially those that have been wishing for a simpler, but secure, automated way to book private jets. It allows for easier payments for on-demand aircraft bookings. Without the complications that come with the upfront fees or membership requirements. Many customers will be thankful for Skyjet for rising to the occasion and filling this customer service gap.

The news article on the AINonline website quotes Skyjet President Greg Richman as reinforcing this position:

“Booking aircraft directly through our new website gives people yet another way to gain on-demand access to private aircraft. Without the hassle of upfront financial commitments and membership fees.”