Rega completes signing of agreement for new rotorcraft

Rega has successfully signed an agreement to purchase six new H145 rotorcraft to replace the current fleet. According to a news article published at the European Business Air News (EBAN) website, the Swiss air rescue operator is purchasing the new H145s to “replace its current EC145 fleet and will commence operations in 2018.”

This is a significant boost to Rega’s efforts to increase efficiency and optimise safety in its rescue operations. It is clear that the private aviation operator is keen on enhancing the capacity of its crew to respond to rescue emergencies in the shortest time possible and with minimal setbacks. The technical, functional and navigational attributes of the H145 makes it a cut above the rest of the rotorcraft in its class. As the EBAN article reports: “The H145 is equipped with a four-axis autopilot and features the latest in avionics and navigation technology.” All six rotorcraft also feature relevant customisations, such as heart-lung machines, that make them suitable for the transportation of intensive care patients.

EBAN quotes Rega’s CEO, Ernst Kohler, as saying: “With this decision in favour of the H145, we are continuing to renew the Rega fleet with the next generation of aircraft.” The article further quotes Kohler as elaborating: “For us, aircraft reliability is paramount. The EC145, which was purchased in 2003 and has comprehensively proven itself, will be replaced by the more powerful successor model in the early summer of 2018.”

According to EBAN, Rega’s management has indicated that the purchase of the new rotorcraft will not trigger any changes to its operational strategy. The company will continue with its current working arrangement where its A109s fleet operate in mountain bases, with the Airbus Helicopters operating at the bases located in the lowland areas.