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Skytime Jets and Ryan Aviation enter partnership deal

Skytime Jets and Ryan Aviation Group have agreed to enter a strategic partnership deal for European market operations. Terry Spruce’s 20 March 2017 news article for Corporate Jet Investor reports: “Skytime Jets will be partnering with Los Angeles-based private jet company Ryan Aviation Group to specialise in global music tours.” The deal brings to fruition the companies’ offerings of joint private jet charter services for music artists and their bands.

Ryan Aviation mainly targets the entertainment industry with a particular focus on the provision of transportation and flight services to musicians. The company operates in expansive regional markets spanning the United States, South America and Australasia, according to Spruce. As such, the Skytime partnership effectively adds Europe to Ryan Aviation’s growing list of regional markets.

The partnership deal is expected to run smoothly thanks to past successful private aviation collaborations between the two companies. Skytime’s European operations infrastructure and understanding of the region’s private aviation market will particularly be useful in achieving the objectives of the partnership.

Ryan Aviation’s top management is pleased with the partnership deal with Skytime. Spruce quotes Ryan Aviation’s CEO, Dan Ryan, as saying: “I’ve been working closely with the Skytime team, and their dedication at making sure the client’s needs are met is outstanding. They are a breath of fresh air in the industry. Their knowledge of the sector is second to none, and I’m excited about the partnership. We both work with our clients on a personal level ensuring we go above and beyond what is expected, and this partnership enables us to give that personal experience to each and every tour.”

The Skytime team is similarly optimistic about the ability of the two companies to deliver an unrivalled quality of private aviation services. Spruce quotes James Shotton, Skytime’s co-founder, as saying: “At Skytime, we have always delivered a personal experience to our customers. We understand the demands that are placed on tour managers, and we empathise with that.”