Starspeed secures IS-BAO Stage 2

UK-based rotary operator Starspeed has been awarded International Standards of Business Aircraft (IS-BAO) Stage 2.

This is a historic milestone as it makes Starspeed the first UK helicopter operator to achieve the standard, according to business aircraft and turbine helicopters news and directory website European Business Air News (EBAN).

This is a positive development for the Starspeed, with the company having secured IS-BAO Stage 1 in 2014, indicating its consistency in observing industry standards and implementing best practices in the execution of private aviation services.

Starspeed was awarded IS-BAO Stage 2 by aerial associate consultants’ Upland Air Services Steve Hogarth, who carried out the audit.

Starspeed’s Director Simon Mitchell said: “Starspeed has been committed to achieving the highest possible standards in safety management and helicopter operations since its inception. It is a proud moment for us to be recognised in the way.”

Mitchell went on to attribute securing IS-BAO Stage 2 to the employees of the Chobham, Surrey helicopter charter, flight training and management company, with its driven specialist staff working in a clear and precise fashion to achieve Starspeed’s operational and strategic objectives.

The achievement of IS-BAO Stage 1 and IS-BAO Stage 2 within two years underscores the efficiency, innovation and commitment of Starspeed’s employees.

“Our success is down to our great team. We have well-motivated experts working in an environment of transparency and trust,” said Mitchell.

“However, we are not about to relax; we remain committed to improving standards through technology and training at every available opportunity.”

Starspeed is among the largest privately-owned helicopter charter, management and training companies in Europe, managing 16 aircraft in the onshore market. Its commitment to building on its success over the last couple of years will see is reach greater heights both in the UK and internationally in the near future.