Sukhoi unveils sports team travel jet

Sukhoi unveils sports team travel jet

The Russia-based Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company has unveiled the sports version of its Superjet 100 brand.  The unveiling took place at the Farnborough International Air Show in mid-July 2016.

Also known as Sportjet, the sport version of the Superjet will be customised to suit the unique needs of transporting professional sports teams.

According to Chad Trautvetter’s news article published at the AINonline website on 18th July 2016:

“Its concept is enhanced by medical and IT solutions – developed with sport physicians, experts and managers – to reduce jet lag, hypoxia, dehydration, stress on the body and aerophobia.”

The innovative interior design of this advanced business jet is likely to get regulatory certification by 2018.

Sukhoi Capitalising on Significant Market Growth

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft has pointed out the significant market growth of air transportation for professional sports teams. It claims this as its primary motivation for venturing into the production of SportJets. In his news article, Trautvetter cites Sukhoi’s estimates. These show that market for the air transportation of professional sports teams is worth more than $600 million annually. Such enormous figures leave little doubts about the lucrative nature of this industry segment. For both business jet operators and manufacturers around the world, and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft is no exception.

To further the point, Trautvetter quotes the company’s senior vice president of commerce, Evgeny Andrachnikov, as saying:

“We are sure that flights for professional sports teams on SportJets will eventually become an integral part of the air transportation market.”

Sukhoi also revealed that it is in the process of opening its first international office in China’s Beijing city. In efforts to speed up the market growth of the company’s aircrafts. The aircraft manufacturer was optimistic that Beijing was a suitable launching pad for international sales. Along with marketing operations for the Sukhoi BusinessJet, the Suhoi SportJet and the Sukhoi Superjet 100. Trautvetter quotes Sukhoi Civil Aircraft’s president, Ilya Tarasenko, as saying:

“China is a highly promising commercial aviation market, and its potential grows year by year.”