Surf Air setting shop in Europe

Surf Air setting up shop in Europe in Strategic Expansion

The US-based Surf Air has announced plans to set up shop in Europe as part of its strategic expansion. An expansion aimed at tapping into the region’s fast-growing private aviation market. The news comes from Arjun Kharpal writing for the CNBC website on 8 July 2016. He confirmed this development by citing the company’s announcement, which reads:

“Surf Air, a start-up airline that lets you pay £2,500 ($3,235) per month for unlimited private jet flights, is launching in Europe.”

Flexible Flight Offerings from Surf Air

Surf Air’s entry into the European private jet market in October will lift the monthly trip limitations that travellers experience with other flight operators. This is because the company will allow travellers to purchase monthly tickets. These tickets will then allow them to take an unlimited number of flights to their preferred destinations in Europe. According to Kharpal, Surf Air plans to launch its services in Cannes, Geneva, London and Zurich in October to begin with. Before proceeding with the launch of Paris and Dublin destinations at a later date.

This is definitely welcome news for frequent travellers. Especially those seeking alternative flexible flight offerings from business jet companies. As such, Surf Air’s fixed-cost model for unlimited private jet flights is bound to ignite excitement among these travellers. This innovative business model qualifies as a convenient model for private jet travel. It is also interesting news for other Europe-based private jet operators . Especially those that are already facing stiffening product-based market competition.

Surf Air’s CEO for Europe, Simon Talling-Smith, has already indicated that his aviation company will be targeting frequent business travellers in the region. Talling-Smith is also optimistic about market reception of the company’s unique aviation product. Kharpal quotes Talling-Smith as saying:

“We have had a lot of interest from the people we have been talking to and we have got hundreds of people interested in joining Surf Air and none have really raised price as a problem.”