TAG Maintenance

TAG reports rising demand for mobile maintenance services

TAG Aviation Europe is reporting an increased demand for its mobile aircraft maintenance services. “Since its launch just over a year ago, the maintenance services mobile repair team (MRT) at TAG Aviation has seen a rise in the demand for critical response,” according to Curl Epstein’s news article published at the AINonline website on 28 November 2016.

Trends so far show that TAG Aviation Europe’s MRT has been well-received in the European private aviation industry, with more customers enrolling for the company’s services. TAG’s European centres have particularity reported significant surges in the demand for MRT assistance. As Epstein reports: “MRT experts from its eight European service centres have responded to more than 150 AOG situations worldwide thus far this year alone.”

TAG Aviation Europe is also drawing a lot of leverage from its status as Bombardier’s and Dassault Falcon’s authorised service centre, according to Epstein. The distinctive status has earned the innovative MRT greater market visibility and customer loyalty. This is because the MRT is well-equipped, both technically and materially, to conveniently discharge maintenance and repair services for Bombardier and Dassault Falcon aircraft. The MRT’s convenient site locations have also been instrumental to the growth of demand for its maintenance and repair services.

The top brass at TAG is full of praise and optimism for the MRT service. Epstein quotes Maintenance Sales Manager for TAG Aviation Europe Philippe Rabier as saying: “Our mobile repair team is able to provide a rapid response, with qualified experts on hand who have the same technical capabilities, authorisation and quality systems that we employ in our repair centres.” Epstein quotes Rabier as further adding: “In our critical situations, wherever in the world maintenance or repair is required, our mobile staff is able to respond quickly, thus minimising downtime.”