Waypoint Leasing

Waypoint completes delivery of helicopters to Omni Taxi Aero

Waypoint Leasing has successfully delivered two Sikorsky helicopters to a Brazil-based energy company. As Alex Baldwin reports in a 25 May 2017 news article published at the Helicopter Investor website, Waypoint “has delivered a Sikorsky S-92 and S-76C++ to Brazilian offshore oil and gas operator Omni Taxi Aero (OTA).”

Charter contracts

The OTA deal has provided Waypoint with the opportunity to put the Sikorsky S-92 and S-76C++ back in service. According to Baldwin, Waypoint had reposed the two rotorcrafts following the bankruptcy of its previous operator, the CHC. The choppers will be crucial to OTA’s offshore oil and gas production operations. As Baldwin reports, the company uses helicopters to facilitate charter contracts for its immense offshore activities. The deal also affords Waypoint strategic leverage in its regional and global marketing targets.

Trusted partnership

The management teams at Waypoint and OTA are excited by the delivery of the helicopters within the scheduled timeframe. This strengthens the solid partnership and business relationship that the two entities have built through the years. Baldwin quotes OTA’s President, Rui Almeida, as saying: “Waypoint has been a trusted partner for years, and we continue to work with them for their technical expertise, operational perspective and flexible lease offerings. These aircraft are highly sought after in Brazil, and we are pleased to have taken delivery of them seamlessly through our relationship with Waypoint.”

Long-term support

Waypoint is well positioned to provide OTA with long-term support and additional helicopter deliveries. The Ireland-based company operates a network of offices in the United States, Australia, Singapore, Britain, Brazil and South Africa. As Baldwin reports: “Waypoint has more than 110 helicopters on first and optional orders valued at more than $1.3 billion for the next five years.” This makes it convenient for OTA and other private aviation operators to fast-track helicopter orders and deliveries.